In Taipei you can buy almost anything you can think of, from designer names, to antique curios, up-to-date electronics, and original jewelry, hand--painted scrolls, fragrant tea, and quality childrens' toys.
Department stores, boutiques, and small stores all offer quality at reasonable prices. Night markets are fun to shop in, accept cash only, and vendors rarely speak English, but shoppers can often bargain. That's where the best selections and prices for souvenirs, gifts, casual clothing, and traditional handicrafts can be found. Taipei's notable shopping districts offer a good selection of shops where visitors can get good buys.

Dinghao Market (Clothing, Jewelry, Footwear, Souvenirs)
All types of restaurants, pubs, teahouses, fast-food shops, bakeries, bookshops, and some of the leading department stores are located in this market. You may purchase designer labels at the boutiques offering international brand-name fashions and accessories, or inexpensive casual wear a variety of footwear can also be found easily. Street vendors in the maze of alleys sell clothes, trinkets, and costume jewelry at bargain prices. Established jewelry stores offer gold and other fine jewelry, and can give certificates of guarantee. Several movie theaters show both Western and Chinese films until midnight.

Holiday Jade & Flower Market, Chinese Handicraft Mart (Curios, Trinkets, Handicraft)
The Holiday Jade Market is open Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Here rows of vendors offer bargain on Jade, curios and other products. The adjacent Holiday Flower Market features what seems like a nile of flowers, plants, and all the trimmings, with a carnival atmosphere. The Chinese Handicraft Mart has a wide variety of arts and crafts such as wood carvings, laquerware, handscrolls, marbleware, brocade, ceramics, and jewelry. A perfect place for gift shopping!

Kuanghua Market (Computers and Parts, CDs, Curios)
This market is a mixture of the old and the new, selling computers and parts, software, electronic games and gadgets, CDs, and second-hand books. The selection is vast and the prices are competitive. This is also a place to shop for the greatest variety of antiques, reproductions, and curios at reasonable prices.

Chungshan North Road (Clothing, Accessories)
This is where you will find designer boutiques with famous brand-name clothing, shoes, accessories, and so on. There is also a DFS (Duty Free Shop) that sells famous labels. It also sells tax-free perfumes, tobaccos, and alcoholic beverages. All of these have to be picked up at the airport. Several souvenir shops offering curios and handicrafts are also located here.

Tihua Street (Chinese Medicines & Herbs, Dried Foods)
A walk through the Tihua Street area gives visitors a feel of Taipei city's past. The old-town market has scores of shops selling a variety of traditional goods such as Chinese medicines and herbs, temple icons and incense, spices and dried food, colorful bolts of cloth, and bamboo and wooden crafts. A fascinating patch of the past.

Shihlin Night Market (Clothing, Footware, Souvenirs, Local Snacks)
To the north of city proper, this vast and rambling night market had scores of stalls that sell clothing, footware, souvenirs, and delicious snacks and fruits. Here you will experience the sights, sounds and smells of Chinese culture. This is the king of Taipei night market!

Tienmu District (Clothing, Furniture, Brass)
A suburb to the north of Taipei, Tienmu is a favorite spot for foreigner where Western delicatessens, procery stores, and restaurants are concentrated. Beyond the pricey designer boutiques, you will find a dozen discount clothing shops with export items at bargain prices. If you want to purchase brass items and furniture, Tienmu is a great place to look. Antique and curio stores abound, and small teahouses and cafes provide a cosmopolian flavor.

Sungchan (Jaoho St.) Night Market (Clothing, Trinkets, Local Snacks)
Here is a great place for local, selling handicrafts such as tespots and bamboo knickknacks, clothes, traditional Chinese toys, tapes, CDs, eletronic gadgets, and other souvenirs. The roadside stalls also sell a variety of local snacks and fruits.

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