Hotel Les Suites Taipei Da-An

The demands and needs of travel are met here at the Les Suites Da-An. Spacious trendy lodgings in this nine story hotel in Taipei offer an exclusive experience just blocks away from the busiest shopping and dining districts in Taipei.

A polite and courteous staff quick to accommodate any need, intricately appointed details, and comfy-sophisticate décor will undoubtedly merit appeal upon one’s arrival. Luxury hotel Les Suites Da-An is discreetly located, yet ideally placed a walk away from the marvels of Taipei.

The boutique hotel’s lobby offers an intimate setting, with a clean, elegant Asian flair, a pleasant contemporary tangent away from the cookie-cutter lobbies in other hotels. Modish meeting rooms and a range of spacious suites with separate living and sleeping rooms are ideal for those convening for conferences or in need of room to conduct sizable meetings.

When in the city frequented attractions include a tea plantation, surrounding temples, and Taipei City Zoo. Taipei though, is known to be one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, with impressive sky scrapers and many architectural wonders. Les Suites Da-An works to mirror the exemplary status that Taipei exudes also on the behalf of their guests. An excellent breakfast buffet is offered to all, while cell phone rentals and unlimited Internet are available for those business-minded light packers.

Tel. +886 2 87733668
Fax. +886 2 87733667

Les Suites Taipei Da-An
No.135 Da-An Road Section 1
Taipei 106, Taiwan